Moving Checklist – Why Is It Crucial To Make One?

Whether you are renting or buying a new hour, moving proves to be quite stressful – and not everyone around us is great at making moving checklists. People do not work on it, but moving checklist surely comes in handy.

How Do You Start?

  • Confirm the date of your move
  • If you are renting out, notify your landlord of the date when you plan on leaving
  • If you are buying a house, check it with your solicitor if they have managed all the necessary paperwork before you move in
  • Organize Your Time And Your Belongings

Start by throwing out items you no longer require, box up rest of the belongings according to the rooms they would be goings into in order to make it easier for you to find them as you unpack.

  • Sort Our Your Insurance Coverage

Make sure you have buildings and/or contents insured right from the day you start your move

  • Organize Furniture Removals

Acquire quotes from different services or hire a van and rope it up with a few friends and manage it all on your own.

  • Speak to The Utility Providers

Speak to the utility providers and the council about your relocation so that your name could be changed over on to the bills for the new location. Ensure you have final meter readings to hand for the energy providers. Same goes for other services like Phone, Internet, TV license, milkmen, and window cleaners – keep them informed about your move.

  • Think Ahead

Think ahead about what you will require in your new house – shop around for wardrobes, sofas, and kitchen appliances. Order them in time for when you move. Do not place an order, though, until you are certain of your move-in date – you do not want them to be delivered before you arrive in your new house.

  • Make Proper Arrangement For Moving The Pets

Ideally, you should be moving your pets last, as this would cause minimum disruption to them. You do not want your pet running around while the removals service is trying to unload. If needed, ask a friend to look after your pets for a day or two before you settle down.

While you are relocating, speak to your doctor and dentist to inform them about your move and look for new services in the new area.

Send out Change of Address notifications to relatives, friends, acquaintances and anyone else who perhaps needs to know through post or via email.

Return the keys of your old home. Ensure to keep the property tidy and clean when you leave, whether you have sold the house or have moved out of a rented property, eave it in a way in which you would like to find your new house.