Things To Remember When Planning An Outdoor Wedding

A lot of us wants to get married outdoors. Of course, there is something incredible about outdoor weddings, be it on a sandy beach side, a tranquil botanical garden, or on the sweetness of your own backyard. However, with the beauty of these places also comes with a lot of work and planning to do just to make your al fresco wedding possible. Here are some things you need to remember when pulling off an outdoor wedding.

Set up your tent

Tents can be set up anywhere. You can just pitch one anywhere depending on the venue you choose. There will be also a tent that will fit for your occasion, be it a formal or just a casual one. It is much better if you coordinate with your tent supplier so they can suggest the best tent for your wedding theme.

Make sure that your tent is also weatherproof. Summer weddings may require you to have an adequate number of fans and air conditioning units, and winter wedding with tall patios or propane heathers. However, if anything goes wrong, especially with heavy rains and winds, it is important for you to devise a backup plan that involves an indoor space.

Make it more romantic

Tents act as a blank canvas, and you will be the one to “paint” it with whatever you want. After establishing your working budget, make sure that you have rented out a lot of designs and embellishments that will beautify your wedding venue. These decorations may include textured curtains, tiebacks, chandeliers and cushions. Also make sure that you have booked them in advance for a hassle and worry free decorating experience.

Set the mood with the right kind of lighting

Aside from giving light to your event, lights are usually used to set up the mood for each and everyone on your wedding. Paper lanterns, pinspot lighting, twinkling lights and dimly lit chandeliers will surely give off a romantic feel during your wedding. But before and after you have set up your lights, make sure that you have consulted a certified electrician so that you can guarantee safety to your guests.

Even boost up the mood with the right kind of music

Every outdoor venue requires the right kind of genre to be played. Beach weddings and steel drums would go together. The same goes with folk or country songs with backyard receptions.

Outdoor venues for your weddings makes your occasion be more memorable. For the best outdoor wedding venue Virginia, check out Sierra Vista.