Wind Energy Pros And Cons – Facts You Must Know About

Wind energy is a renewable and clean source of energy used to generate electricity. Today, this form of energy is considered the second largest renewable form of energy after solar power. There are been numerous wind turbines installed worldwide till date.

With numerous benefits that people can obtain via wind energy, there are millions of homeowners worldwide who prefer installing residential wind turbines to supply power to their homes. On the other hand, is wind energy really worth it? Can you save big with the help of wind energy?  

Below are some of the vital pros and cons of wind energy that will help enrich your understanding of this renewable form of energy for sure.

Pros of Wind Energy

  • It is renewable and free – Wind is almost available everywhere and you do not have to pay for it to make use of it. As long as the sun keeps shining, there is always going to be wind.
  • Save Money On Energy Bills – Once you have installed wind turbines, you will be able to generate electricity for your home. In this way, you will be able to get a considerable reduction in your power bills. Even you will be able to earn a bit of money if your turbines generate more electricity than your household requirements.
  • Zero Emission – Unlike nuclear, gas, and fossil energy that produce injurious pollutants such as CO2, sulfur, and nitrogen oxide, whereas wind energy comes in clean and has zero emissions.
  • Price is stable – Unlike the price of the fossil fuels energy sources going up due to several factors, the price of this renewable form of energy stays stable.
  • Tax Incentive – Some regions like the US and the UK offer tax incentives to the homeowners who install wind turbines on their residential properties.

Cons Related To Wind Energy

  • Unreliable – Though wind is available almost everywhere, it is not available at sometimes. Furthermore, the turbines require as low as 10mph of wind speed to operate. Consequently, areas that get low wind speed cannot benefit much from this source of energy. Click here for more details
  • Aesthetics – Both residential and commercial wind turbines slightly bring down the aesthetic value.
  • Noisy – Wind turbines produce a lot of noise - this is due to the blades movement and other moving parts. Some people get annoyed whereas some do not mind it at all.
  • Costly Initial Investment – A good quality residential wind turbine may cost up to 5000 USD; nevertheless, manufacturers offer a minimum of 20 years warranty on their wind turbines so $5,000 happens to be a good deal. In addition, wind turbines are very low on maintenance.